Alpha Projects Corporation

Serving clients since 1991


Alpha Projects Corporation is successor to Alpha Projects established in 1991. The company was originally created as the Planning and Development office for a Yacht Management Agency in Connecticut. The work of the office was to rely on Project Management methodologies to design and implement yacht restoration and re-configuration endeavors for patrons of the agency.


Alpha Projects was the name chosen for the company when it was spun off into a separate entity that would invest capital derived from profits generated by its work on behalf of the yacht agency. Alpha was charged with developing a series of small business start-ups that would support the agency's effort to target the vertical market.


Four years later, having proved their entrepreneurial skills, the team made a bold move forward into the realm of mergers & acquisitions activities. The team found success in applying project, program and portfolio management methods to the needs of individual investors and private equity investment firms.


With the advent of the new millennium the company expanded again by taking on formal business partners based in, Florida, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Canada, The Bahamas, The Cayman Islands and the Middle East operating under the name of Alpha Project Management Group.


The Alpha Projects team underwent its own journey from traditional project management methodology to the Agile frameworks over many years of consulting with clients in various sectors. In 2013, Alpha Projects Corporation was established for the purpose of offering clients the firm's hard-won insights and experiences with Agile Transformation.


Since its inception the new corporation has focused primarily on delivering advisory support to Fortune Global 500 enterprises seeking to transition their business and engineering portfolios from a Waterfall project management approach to an Agile environment for delivery of key strategic initiatives.


Areas of Practice

The art & science of project management is a continuously evolving area of practice. At Alpha Projects Corporation our team brings together a uniquely skilled group of practitioners who work with multiple methodologies and frameworks to serve our clients in a wide breadth of sectors from nonprofit to financial services.


Business Growth 1

            Business planning and development depends on the skill with which strategy & tactics are implemented.

             From Portfolio to Program and Project management at the team level how well your company executes its

             growth initiatives establishes its credibility in the marketplace.

            At Alpha Projects our experienced business consultants are also certified project managers with many years

            of supporting the development of start-ups, early-stage and small business companies as well as Fortune

            Global 500 enterprises as they transition into the Digital Age.

Business Agility 2

             Lean Business Agility is defined as the ability of a company to respond quickly and effectively to Change

             within markets when new and innovative ideas and information are presented that can impact existing

             products and services.


            The tidal wave of technological development that has swept across the business world in the past 20 years

            has made it impractical to ignore the need to adopt new ways of working and implement greater efficiencies

            in delivering products and services to market.


            Alpha works with your team to map the path to Lean Business Agility.



Global Enterprise Transformation 3

             Transformations to Lean Business Agility at Scale is the specialization of Alpha Projects Corporation.


             Every business has its own unique journey of transformation but if applied consistently the fundamental               

             precepts of Lean Business Agility at Scale support the path forward.


             Our motto at Alpha Projects is, 'Victory Loves Preparation'


             We pride ourselves on our history of identifying and integrating each client's deepest considerations when    

             developing an innovative and attainable scaled Lean Agile solution.



Lean/Agile Coaching 4

             Alpha Projects' Lean/Agile Coaching for Transformations relies heavily upon the Client to help Agility

             take root within an organization. How? Through SELF-organization.


             If a Coach does their work correctly they educate the client's teams to the principles and values of multiple    

             Agile frameworks. Once that knowledge has been conveyed and understood by all how well it gets

             implemented within the organization is something ONLY the client and their teams determine and control.


             Agile knowledge is only as useful as the Client's will to apply it.