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    Regina.pngAlpha Projects was established in 1991 as the Program Management Office  (PgMO) of a yacht management firm based in Connecticut. 

   The management cogmpany  had recently negotiated the contract for a large historic ship preservation effort and recognized the value of in-depth preparation in meeting the complex challenges it would mean.

    The 1908, 144' Danish-built, wooden, Barkentine ~ Regina Maris ~ had sunk in the aftermath of hurricane BOB as the storm made landfall and passed over the North Fork of Long Island where the vessel was berthed.

    Thanks to many pleas from Peter Stanford, Founder of the National Maritime Historical  Society, the vessel was saved from scuttling at sea by a philanthropic group who purchased and then donated the ship to the Village of Greenport, Long Island, NY

   "Guidelines for Historic Ship Preservation", published by the U.S. Department of the Interior was the primary resource for the restoration planning process to restore the vessel to museum-quality standards over a ten-year period.

   These same meticulous guidelines, executed with Program Management discipline, became the governance that informed operational decisions for many subsequent antique and classic yacht restoration projects undertaken by the PgMO.

   This innovative approach of adhering to an established methodology gave the management company a loyal client base who appreciated the exacting measures that were applied in the preservation of their yachts.

   The caliber of professional expertise delivered to clients by the Program Management Office became the hallmark of the company that is today known as, Alpha Projects. (See more antique yacht projects.)

   The success of the firm's project management capabilities led to opportunities to serve many other companies applying those skills across a broad range of industry sectors working with individual entrepreneurs, private equity investment firms and Fortune 500 corporations in U.S. and foreign markets.